Verifications Every user that signs up for HMU must submit a verification, this is completed by a human moderator who is able to immediately block the device from our service if necessary. In our experience, AI is not yet able to complete these tasks on their own in a way that ensures user safety. Moderators have access to AI tools in order to help them moderate the app. Technology We use the latest technology to detect, deter and remove objectionable content. This includes SafeSearch that scans images, detecting keywords that indicate illegal activity, using the DeviceCheck framework which allows us to permanently ban devices from our service and much more. Humans Whilst technology is helpful, there is no replacement (yet) for the human mind. We moderate HMU to review all user reports and system detected rule breaches. The future We are constantly evaluating technological advancements to see how they can help us protect our users, this includes further AI systems and machine learning models. User safety is our upmost priority and vital to the continued success of HMU.